List of products by brand Pickwick

The history of Pickwick teas dates back to 1753, when Egbert Douwes began selling coffee, tobacco and various types of tea blends in Joure, the Netherlands. Under the brand name of the founder Douwe Egberts, tea was sold until 1936, when it acquired its current name Pickwick. The inspiration for the new name was the novel by the English writer Charles Dickens "Chronicle of the Pickwick Club". The Pickwick brand is now an international brand that sells quality teas worldwide.

The Pickwick brand cares about the quality of the tea, but also about the people and the environment from which the tea comes. They are therefore the proud bearer of the UTZ Certified label, which guarantees consumers that teas have been grown in accordance with and developed with the environment and by ensuring better living and working conditions for the people who grow tea.

The cultivation and production of Pickwick teas reduces the use of pesticides, reduces and uses more environmentally friendly packaging, and reduces logistics to reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

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