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Bebe Beautiful Skin-Enjoying Cleaning Mask 150 ml / 5.0 fl oz

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For all skin types
For the shower? Cleaning in just 60 seconds

Helps to refine pores
Leaves a glowing complexion
With extracts of citrus peel and soy seeds

The innovative skin mask to beautify the skin works directly under the shower with the steam. The intensive cleansing of the skin refines the pores and ensures a radiant complexion. The mild formula gently removes dead skin cells and thus supports cell renewal in the top layer of the skin. And because nobody wants to wait for radiantly beautiful skin, the application is 5 times faster than other facial treatments *.

* Compared to other face masks that need at least 5 minutes of exposure

Dermatologically tested.

Apply in the shower on wet face 2 times a week. Massage in gently after 60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly.


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