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Tomas Arsov Natural Soap Divine Flower 110 g / 3.7 oz

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Natural soap for face and body.

Tomas Arsov soaps are a natural product and are produced by saponification of cold-pressed rapeseed in food grade, which guarantees gentle skin care. This oil is made from oilseed rape, which is grown in the Czech Republic. Do not use any chemical preservatives, parabens, perfumes or other added chemical ingredients. The soap is dermatologically tested by a medical study in cooperation with IKEM Prague and CTU, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Made by hand in accordance with traditional procedures and with special care both in the production itself and in the maturing process. This procedure is completely different from the process of industrial soap production. Minor surface inaccuracies are caused by the manufacturing of each piece. Color changes and a weak greasy film are a sign of maturation and are not a defect. Thanks to this, all useful nutrients of rapeseed oil are preserved in our soap.

How to use:

When washed, it forms a creamy foam, which is not as intense as with ordinary soaps, because we do not use palm or coconut oil. It does not dry out the skin, in addition, small skin defects disappear all over the body.

Washing is pleasant for your skin, which is very gently cleansed, but also creamed, so it remains soft and supple.

Creates a new dimension of washing. While you wash or bathe, our soap also creams your skin.

Using our soap, bathing and washing becomes very pleasant and unusual.


Cold pressed saponified rapeseed oil and water


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