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Storck Schoko Toffees 165g

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Chocolate toffees covered with 30% dark chocolate

Ingredients :Chocolate 30% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, BUTTERFAT, emulsifier lecithins (SOYA), vanilla extract), glucose syrup, sugar, condensed SWEET WHEY, palm fat, condensed SKIMMED MILK, humectant sorbitol syrup, lean cocoa, WHEY PRODUCT, flavoring. MAY ALSO CONTAIN HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, PEANUTS AND OTHER NUTS.

Allergen information :Contains: Milk and milk products (including lactose). soy and soy products. May contain: Nuts and nut products. peanuts and peanut products. almonds and almond products. cashew and cashew products. hazelnut and hazelnut products. pecan and pecan nut products. Queensland nut and Queensland nut products. Brazil nut and Brazil nut products. pistachio and pistachio products. walnut and walnut products.