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Storck Knoppers 8-Pack 200 g / 6.8 oz

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Knoppers is a true classic and Germany's favorite snack sandwich since 1983. A milk and hazelnut cream filled wafer sandwich with a smooth melting nougat cream, crunchy hazelnut pieces and a thin layer of milk chocolate. This perfectly balanced composition makes Knoppers ideal for a small snack in between. Irresistibly nutty.

Each pack includes 8 individually wrapped Knoppers wafers.


Sugar, vegetable fats (palm, shea, illipe), WHEAT FLOUR (12.3%), SKIMMED MILK POWDER * (11.5%) *, HAZELNUTS (9.1%), WHOLE WHOLE FLOUR (6.1%), cocoa, BUTTER CLEAN ( 2.6%) *, whey product, lean cocoa, WHEAT STARCH, emulsifier lecithins (SOYA), CREAM POWDER * (0.2%), salt, natural flavors, raising agent sodium hydrogen carbonate. * Together corresponds to 10% milk. May also contain almonds, PEANUT, other NUTS and EGG.


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