Nivea Intimo Mild Intimate Wash Lotion 250 ml / 8.3 fl oz

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Special formulation designed for the care of intimate parts. Gentle and protective formula is ideal for everyday intimate hygiene and adds a pleasant feeling of purity, freshness and health throughout the day. It contains lactic acid, which is a natural part of the intimate areas and is necessary to keep them healthy, naturally acidic pH level, which is lower than in other parts of the body. Strengthens the protection of women against various difficulties and irritation. Natural extracts of chamomile and bisabolol soothe irritation and have created added protection and freshness. It does not contain soap or dyes. The level of pH 4.6 corresponds to an acidic environment intimate areas. For external use only several times a day. Rinse thoroughly. Gynecological, dermatologically and clinically tested and approved.