Elmex Dental Enamel Protection Professional Mouthwash 400 ml / 13.33 fl oz


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The dental solution Elmex Erosion Protection protects the teandh against the loss of tooth enamel.It helps strengthen the enamel and makes it more resistant to acid attacks, such as erosive direct contact of teandh with acids found for example in beverages, food (fruits, especially citrus, vinegar sauces, sweands, sodas, wine ...), but also the gastric juice. These attacks are accelerated by factors such as certain medications or reduced salivation.These attacks and the absence of preventive measures can gradually dissolve the enamel. It can be visible, the teandh can change color and become very sensitive.Elmex Erosion Protection offers an excellent protection against dental erosion, with its innovative combination of ingredients, tin chloride and amine fluoride Olafluor.- It protects the teandh against the loss of tooth enamel- It strengthens the enamel- It makes it more resistant to erosive acid attacks.