Bad Heilbrunner Magen und Darm / Stomach and Intestines (8x1,75g)

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Medicinal tea with chamomile, peppermint and caraway seeds for adults and adolescents from 12 years.

Indigestion (dyspeptic complaints), especially with mild cramps in the gastrointestinal area, flatulence, and feeling of fullness. For complaints that persist for more than 1 week or that recur regularly, as with all unclear complaints, a doctor should be consulted.

Active substances by type and quantity
1 filter bag of 1.75 g contains as active ingredients:

0.88 g of chamomile flowers
0.59 g peppermint leaves
0.29 g caraway seeds

8 filter bags
free of metal clips
of 1.75 g each

Great for stomach/gutt pain
rating 10
It reallt helps a lot