Lacalut Aktiv Herbal Medical Toothpaste 75ml Stops Bleeding

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Tightens and Strengthens Your Gums Brushing with Lacalut Activ Herbal toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and tingly as it fights bacteria and gently tightens and strengthens your gums, leaving your smile brighter, healthier, and happier. Do you have sore, bleeding gums? Lacalut Aktiv Herbal Toothpaste, medicinally developed toothpaste protects exposed dental necks and strengthens gums with the help of medicinal herbal extracts (Commiphora myrrha,Anethum graveolens, Illicium verum,Eucalyptus, Mentha, Thymus vulgaris, Matricaria recutita, Salvia )