Signal Deep Fresh Aquamint Toothpaste 75 ml / 2.53 fl oz

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Transparent toothpaste with Core & Core Technology in the form of blue antibacterial gel with mouthwash for effective protection against dental caries guarantees a double effect: antibacterial, plus extra freshness flavored with menthol and eucalyptus.

Great Toothpaste
rating 10
We stumbled upon this toothpaste during a trip to Croatia. It has a delicious sharp minty bite and not too sweet like most American toothpastes. It also has fluoride which is very important. It was actually quite cheap in Europe although even after getting it shipped to the US it is still comparably priced to premium toothpastes here.
Super Tangy Toothpaste
rating 10
We originally found this toothpaste while travelling in Croatia. It has a sharp minty \"not too sweet\" taste that we really enjoy. Regular American brands are sickly sweet in comparison. It also has fluoride and is recommended by the an EU dentistry association.
Great Toothpaste!
rating 10
We first encountered this toothpaste on a trip to Croatia. We love the sharp minty flavor, standard flavors in the US seem overly sweet. This has fluoride and is recognized by the international dental federation which is all you need. Great tasting teeth protecting toothpaste with no gimmicks.