Alpa Francovka Alcohol Herbal Tincture 1000 ml / 34 fl oz

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Alcohol-based tincture of natural essential oils and some of their substances (menthol, linalool, nerol, etc.), but also some other aromatic extracts.
Use: This proven home medicine is used
– to relieve pain and discomfort due to rheumatic arthritis and muscular rheumatism
- for the common cold and influenza - put several drops of ALPA francovka into tepid water and gargle
- for inhalation - inhaling oils from ALPA francovka alleviates cough, coryza, influenza, catarrh, cold and respiratory problems from exposure to smoky premises
- to relieve fatigue extreme strain
- from hematoma, dislocation and contusions - rub into skin in affected areas
- after physical strain or rigorous exercise/sport
- for disinfection of small scratches and wounds
- for reflex massages in case of rheumatic muscle pain
- for refreshing baths
- for compresses (diluted)
- as a mouth wash (diluted) - very effective for all mouth infections, gingivital bleeding, bad breath, teeth wobbling and periodontitis
- as an aftershave lotion
- as a skin tonc ( diluted) for removing makeup, powder and cream residues and for thorought skin cleansing
- for toothache - put several drops of ALPA francovka on cotton wool and apply to aching tooth
- for headache - rub several drops of ALPA francovka into the back of the head or temples, in case of great pain use a compress
- for sweaty feet - soak feet in solution of warm water and ALPA francovka
- for fatigue from traveling by car - refreshing the temples and back of the head with several drops of ALPA francovka
- It is a helpful for patients to bed for a long time
- to prevent the occurrence of bedsores

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rating 10

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