Loyd Cold Tea Lemon, Lime & Mint 12 tea bags

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Fruit and herbal tea Cold Infusion Tea flavored with lemon, lime and mint, which is prepared in cold water, is the perfect solution for a hot summer. Prepared from carefully selected ingredients, it refreshes even on the hottest days. The combination of lemon and lime acidity with mint leaves captivates with its taste, while giving the impression of coolness. Perfectly neutral in taste, fully biodegradable bags perfectly release the richness of tea flavor, thanks to which the drink in your glass or bottle will not only amaze you with its unique bouquet, but will also help you enchant every moment to help you discover the magic in everything that surrounds you. You can add a few ice cubes to the drink, thanks to which you will feel relief on hot days. With Cold Infusion Tea you can have a tasty and unsweetened drink in any situation. are you in the garden Drop the bag into a glass of cold water. Or are you on the move? Nothing easier, throw the bag into a water bottle or bottle. You do not need boiling water to brew a fruit and herbal tea that will enchant you with its taste and aroma. Choose the preparation time according to how intense the flavor you like. 5 minutes is enough for the drink to acquire a refreshing taste, but if you want to feel the full and distinct taste of fruit, do not hesitate to leave the bag for longer. One bag is enough to prepare 200 ml / 6.76 fl oz of intensely aromatic drink, but if you prefer a more delicate taste, you can add more water. Try for yourself what you like best. There are three flavors in the Cold Infusion Tea line: Strawberry with Raspberry, Lemon with Lime and Mint and Apple with Pineapple. Each pack contains 12 bags. Wherever you are, all you need is cold water and you're done! Cold Infusion Tea is a solution for people who want to give up sweetened carbonated drinks, and at the same time do not like to drink water alone. With just one bag of Loyd tea, you can quickly prepare a healthy and tasty drink with a delicious fruit flavor. Just dip the bag in a bottle of water and wait for it to release a refreshing bouquet of flavors from the unique composition of fruits and herbs. Each bag is made of biodegradable natural material that ensures very good water circulation, which guarantees a tasty drink with a distinct taste. And most importantly, it is completely neutral to the taste of the drink. The Cold Infusion Tea Bag does not have a string or a hanger, so you can simply throw it into a container, e.g. a water bottle or a jug.

12x 2.5g tea bags

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