Elmex Anti-Caries Protection Mouthwash 400 ml / 13.33 fl oz

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Elmex mouthwash - protection against dental caries - mineralizes and protects the teeth from dental caries. It contains the unique, highly effective aminfluoride, which binds to the dental enamel in a short time, for preventing the dental caries. It strengthens the enamel and makes it more resistant against acid effects. Already demineralized enamel even remineralizes and strengthens thanks to this preparation. Elmex mouth wash for preventing dental caries represents, along with everyday tooth brushing, efficient protection against dental caries especially in the sites where a toothbrush hardly reaches. This mouth wash is suitable especially in case of more difficult dental hygiene (screw-jacks, bridgeworks, etc.) and during travelling when it is not possible to clean the teeth. It is ideal in combination with daily brushing with Elmex toothpaste having effect against dental cariosity. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age. It does not contain alcohol.