Bad Heilbrunner Anti-Stress (8x1,75g)

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Medicinal tea with lemon balm leaves, hop cones and lavender flowers
Stress symptoms such as restlessness, inner restlessness and nervousness often lead to poor concentration and restless sleep.

Clinical studies have shown that medicinal plants such as lemon balm, hops or lavender are highly effective in treating such disorders. Bad Heilbrunner® anti-stress tea is used to calm nervousness. This tea can be drunk safely during the day as it calms you down without promoting sleep.

Nervous arousal, difficulty falling asleep.

Active substances by type and quantity
1 filter bag of 1.75 g contains as active ingredients:

0.53 g lemon balm leaves
0.44 g hop cones
0.44 g lavender flowers

Other ingredients
Rosemary leaves
Licorice root

8 filter bags
free of metal clips
of 1.75 g each

Awesome tea
rating 10
The tea has great taste and nice calming effect