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Disappointed and upset

I was charged for a product I never received. Even had to pay VAT of my entire order at the customs because the invoice said these were a part of the parcel. I tried asking fresh-store what’s going on, without ever getting an answer. The quantity still said “7 left” but when I requested why they still were in stock according to the web shop while I didn’t receive any, I still didn’t get any answer. A few days later they put “out of stock” in the webshop. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Johnny 17/11/2022
Dear Johannes, all out of stock items we refunded to your card on 25.October.2022
You paid only what you received. Please check your bank account.
We apologize that we were unable to ship your entire order, but you have received a full refund for the undelivered items.

Best quality

Best quality

Clement 16/11/2022
Overall happy

Somehow the store feels kind of sketchy and needs a level of polish.

BelgianGuy 11/11/2022
A very good shop

I could find here the Bad Heilbrunner Tee that I used to buy in Germany when I went there.
I could not be more satisfied. Quick delivery and so many interesting products. Well done!

Elena 06/11/2022
Highly recommended

Great that this shop stocked these coffee pockets, when I couldn\'t find them anywhere. Thank you.

Lydia 05/11/2022
Highly recommended

Very trusted.

Sara 31/10/2022
Package never arrived

I waited and waited, expected date came and passed and my much anticipated order never came. So disappointed and sad.

Milly 30/10/2022

Deatr customer, your package is from 2022-09-23 in your post office so please pick up it.

Tracking of your package is that you already received to your email.


Very slow delivery and also it\'s not correct to charge extra costs for every thing you order

Vasilis 19/10/2022

Dear customer, shipping cost is calculated by the weight of all items in the order and destination country. Corresponds to the shipping price of the selected carrier. There are no extra charges from us. The total price of the order including shipping cost you see in the shopping cart before confirming the order.



Elisabeth Theodorou 13/10/2022

No updates on delivery were received. It\'s rather standard to keep the customer informed so this was surprising. And yes, we had the proper contact information in place.

Californiagirl 12/10/2022

Dear Cynthia, we sent tracking number to your email and you can also check it in the order detail. If you didn't receive email, check your SPAM folder please.


Thank you for working with me, even if my order did not work out like I thought it would.

Barry 10/10/2022
Fresh-store corrected my order... much appreciated

We first received the wrong product but Fresh-Store made it right. When they learned something went wrong with my order, they asked for details and then sent the corrected product. Much appreciated. Thank you.

Joe 03/10/2022
We solved our problem

Majority of Israel population drinks coffe. The shelves in supermarkets are full of all kinds of coffe. But we don\'t drink coffe. We prefer another hot drink - cacao. But if ther is no demand for any product - there is no product! It\' impossible to buy good kind cacao powder in Israel. During many years we were byuing cacao in our vacations abroad. But because of Covid 19 we lost this opportunity as well. But when we\'ve discovered your website, we found out, that our problem is solved!

Nyusya 29/09/2022
I not happy at all

You don’t reply to emails. I not happy at all. Over one month.

Harwinder 25/09/2022

Dear Harwinder,

We didn’t received any emails from you, only this feedback.
We confirmed shipping of your order on 25.8.2022
Order was sent in 2 packages:
We are sorry but there are long delays in delivery to Australia. It takes about 6 weeks so please wait a few days more.
Thank you
Très satisfaite

Tout c\'est tres bien passé de la commande à la livraison en France, avec un délai très court. Merci

Vincente 24/09/2022
Poor packaging

I was disappointed with the packaging. For an international shipment, I expected more packing material to ensure the product arrived undamaged.

American 19/09/2022

Easy to find what i\'m looking for.
Prices are good.
I live in Sweden so it takes about 2 week\'s to get my purchase,but that\'s ok as long as it gets here ?
So overall I\'m happy I found

????? 11/09/2022
satisfied customer

I appreciate the added label in my language and small and nice gift. Communication with shop was ok.

Iva 06/09/2022
Cleaning Product

Good product. We like using in our cars.

Zeddy 03/09/2022
delivery incomplete

I would rate 5 stars but my order was incomplete

Manu 02/09/2022

Dear Manu, we are sorry but Kinder Surprise are not available in the summer time.

We refunded these items back to your account.